Cupcake for Breakfast #60daylipstickchallenge | May 11, 2016

So I’ll admit it. I so had a cupcake for breakfast…and it was damn good. (Guinness Chocolate cupcake) You can’t do that all the time or we’d all look like *YOKOZUNA. Yokozuna was a beautiful man–don’t get me wrong I just don’t want to look like him.

So what else–making dinner at home, I’ve been doing that–helps with making things more healthy as well as saves some money so that’s been great. ALSO…as much as you hate doing it…STRETCH. Sally has really helped with that a lot. (Thanks Sally!)

Day 4 (Thursday) I went to Jazzercise again with my friend Jen! It was great but they didn’t do as much with core as the first time (crunches and push ups). Free all month!

Day 4

 Day 5 (Friday) was Eastern Prom brisk walk, It was great to do a brisk walk here. Walked from the Eastern Prom to downtown Portland and back.

Day 6 (Saturday) was Back Bay brisk walk with my friend Diane. 3.5 miles-great way to catch up with a friend!

Day 7 (Sunday) was Mother’s Day! I did a lot of stretching and took this day as more of a break. You need a break.

Day 8 (Monday) was the first day I worked out with the group at work. We jogged down the campground then to the ocean and then back. We also did a workout outside. It was cool. Did my first burpee.

Day 9 (Tuesday) Second day of working out with the group at work. We jogged down two blocks and up the ocean and around and back to the campground. Then did the workout–we tried to mix things up and adjust things with side planks!

Day 5

Day 5 #redvelvetlipstick- This one is great too! I like this color!

Day 6

Day 6 #caramelcomfortlipstick-I hated this one but everyone else seemed to like it! I did not feel like myself at all!

Day 7

Day 7 #lovelyfuchsialipstick- Eh this color was ok

Day 8

Day 8 #riperoselipstick – Just no

Day 9

Day 9 #tendermauvelipstick- No



*Yokozuna! I had this photo taped on my door in college. It helped motivate me to go to the gym. ha!


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