#60DayLipstickChallenge 2017

April 2, 2017
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The #60DayLipstickChallenge was born last year when my boss at the time wanted us to all work on our personal fitness goals. I had a great coworker named Sally–who knew I loved lipstick and surprised me with a 60 sample set of lipstick from Avon. If you know me, you know I was beyond excited. (I may have screamed)

Long story short–I’m doing it again this year. Looking over the rules I set up last year–I’ve already broken 2 rules. #sorrynotsorry I “overlooked” the no soda rule –and I definitely had a photo from Day 1 but I was so disheartened by it that I decided to use this photo of bowling shoes in protest. Day 2 I felt better about things. Wish me luck!

Day 1: Bowling–candle pin awesomeness! (-No Lipstick Photo, -Drank Soda) PS the color of my lipstick was bright red–I liked it (of course!) 🙂

Day 2: East end trail! Great walk on a BEAutiful day! (-Drank Soda) PS the color was a little much for my pale skin but I’d give it a ago again.

So for 60 days:

  1. New lipstick every day (YESSS!)
  2. Fitness every day (Classes, running, hula hoop–anything!)
  3. No soda (shit! I live on Coke to stay awake sometimes and Sunkist is my fav)
  4. Eat Healthier (More veggies/fruit-less crap!)
  5. Find ways to be more healthy–park farther away from stores, move more!
  6. Get photographic evidence and use hashtag #60daylipstickchallenge

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