Day 43 #60DayLipstickChallenge

June 13, 2016
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Day 43, I don’t know if it’s all the bad news & crap on social media (the Campaign, the Stanford rapist, Orlando) or what but you can feel people just feeling kinda awful. Makes me want to run or just hide under my covers. I heard on the radio (thanks WCYY) that people are actually on social media less this year than last. I haven’t had any soda in 43 days. I feel like I need it to be sane some days. (I really don’t) but I miss Sunkist. (Who loves Orange Soda?!)

Ok Lipstick–Day 33 #electricpinklipstick brought about the first obvious hit on. Ha. I was at Gritty’s with Kate and she left to pee and the dude at the next table got up and said, “I never go up to complete strangers-especially about lipstick-I LOVE your lipstick, what are you doing later?” My response, “Thanks buddy, sit down”

I don’t know how I feel about the matte lipsticks. It looks good but doesn’t feel like I have it on–weird. I’ve missed working out with my people at work, I hope we can get back to that but I feel like with the busy summer season it’s not super feasible. Yoga in at the Prom was awesome–it’s great. I need more Yoga in my life (they’re offering at Bug Light soon!). Getting better at the hula hoop (thanks Rhonda!!!) I think my record is about 12 (ha). Fashion shows count at activity–doing another one this weekend! (Real one!)(yesssss!)


Day 4 #60DayLipstickChallenge

May 5, 2016
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So far I haven’t had soda, I fought off a giant Kit Kat (those things are heaven) and I’ve been keeping track of food. If you have ideas for stretches, healthy lunches, snacks etc., or want to join in or go to a class let me know! 🙂


#creamymelonlipstick – Too “natural” for me.

Day 2 (Tuesday) was Hot Yoga at Greener Postures in Falmouth. They are the first place I ever tried Yoga–many months ago. (My friend Lori pushed me & kept telling me how awesome it was–Thanks Lori!) If you like hot yoga and want it fast paced with someone who tells you exactly how to stand, where to put your weight–etc. pick Gretchen (she was my first teacher). Lianna is awesome! She is the teacher I see the most and she pushes you just that extra bit and plays great music (you need great music YO). They have a free class at 7:30am this Sunday 5/8 (bring YO MOMMA)–it’s really great–do it–it’s $5 to start and you get a free water & use of a mat the first time, then it’s $7 after that. Message me if you want to go! 🙂

Day 3

#coffeecremelipstick- I really didn’t like this color, It was BROWN (looked creepy on a white coffee mug) but a lot of people seemed to love it!

Day 3 (Wednesday) was Running. I ran with Johanna at Back Cove in the cold and rain. (no excuses!) We trained with a few others for STRIVE’s 5k not long ago. We used the “C25k” free app. We made it more than half way around Back Bay and then walked at a fast pace the rest of the way (seeing few humans). Our goal is to sign up for a 5k and do it together again in a few months. If we sign up for a 5k we’re locked in. (Easy as Pi race I heard is at Thompson’s Point this year)

Day 4 is today. Doing something but not sure what. Today’s lipstick is much more Guglielmo.



May 3, 2016
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If you know me at all, you know I love lipstick. I love it-like really love it, I put it on at all time, even before bed. Everyone has their things–this is mine.

My awesome friend Sally from work recently got me a 60 lipstick sample pack. I knew I wanted to try every lipstick. I also knew we had a “Fitness Challenge Grant” coming up at work (we all have to set up our own personal goals etc.) and we all have to come up with ideas on how to use the $500 (for fitness equipment, etc.). My idea for #60daylipstickchallenge was born. I will wear a new lipstick every day for 60 days as well as do some sort of fitness activity.


Hi there!

Day 1 was yesterday and I tried Jazzercise with a great friend. They have free classes all this month. (check it out) I definitely respect it a lot more now that I’ve tried it. I wasn’t sure what to expect. It’s like Zumba but slower and they use weights and make you do crunches and pushups. I will take photographic evidence and I will use the hashtag every day.

So for 60 days:

  1. New lipstick every day (YESSS!)
  2. Fitness every day (Classes, running, hula hoop–anything!)
  3. No soda (shit! I live on Coke to stay awake sometimes and Sunkist is my fav)
  4. Eat Healthier (More veggies/fruit-less crap!)
  5. Find ways to be more healthy–park farther away from stores, move more!
  6. Get photographic evidence and use hashtag #60daylipstickchallenge

Wish me luck! This is going to be a blast-Going to also keep a food journal & record my measurements/weight tonight–but it’s more about the lipstick and making changes.



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